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Lindsay Lohan Has A "Sobriety Plan"

LOL. So Lindsay Lohan thinks that sobriety is like a football game that you make a "plan" for and says she will not be returning to her west Hollywood condo after she gets out of Betty Ford. She is actually going to stay there and extra day to get ready to be unleashed into society again. And she is "pre-scheduling" Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in advance in the hopes of staying on the wagon. I am a recovering alcoholic myself and I know from experience that it doesn't matter wtf your "plans" are. The thing you need to remember is Just. Say. No. Of course this is Lindsay Lohan we are talking about here so I doubt she will be sober for very long and I am still convinced that she was boozing the other night with those bitches at the sober house. After her stint in rehab, I am not sure if it is still against her probation to consume alcohol, but if it isn't this chick will be all over Jack Daniels like there is a pot of gold in the bottom of that bottle.