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You Will Never See Demi Lovato's Sex Tape

Demi Lovato who is in recovery right now is not actually able to discuss or prevent the sale of an alleged sex tape that is being rumored to be circulating. Nothing has turned up on the internet and trust me I know because I have done the searches because I have a HUGE crush on Demi and no one would like to see her naked more than yours truly. Anyway, Steve Hirsch the president of Vivid Entertainment said that he will buy the tape from whoever is selling it and either give it back to Demi or destroy it. He is doing this because he is a recovering addict himself and knows what Demi is going through. I think that is pretty cool of him. Anyway, Demi will be out of rehab sometime in 2011 and I will blog about her being released because that day should become a holiday. LOVE Demi!