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Pregnant Alicia Silverstone Poses For Vogue Magazine

Pregnant Alicia Silverstone Poses For ‘Vogue’ Magazine — Alicia Silverstone is pregnant as can be and cementing her baby bump in history with a Vogue magazine photo shoot. Silverstone showed up at the Animal Acres animal sanctuary for the shoot. She will following the footsteps of Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and Christina Aguilera as a pregnant cover girl. During the shoot, Alicia laid on a pig, hung out with some cows and sat in a barn with a bunch of turkeys, chickens and ducks. And in keeping with the environmentally friendly theme, Alicia’s on-set motor home was run on bio-diesel fuel. Looking simply radiant, Alicia slipped into a long flowing purple gown for the shoot. Are you looking forward to Alicia’s Vogue issue? 05 more images after the break...