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Health Benefits of Bananas Given by Ludhiana Girl

Sarita Joshi belongs to Ludhiana city from India and she tells about herself that she is friendly and she is very attractive due to her long hairs in family and friends. She is gaining her academic knowledge in physical Education in Ludhiana University.

In this girls forum, She is sharing her knowledge about the benefits of bananas. She describes that India is the top banana producing nation with 16.8 million metric tones and it is the fourth most widely consumed food for humans after rice, wheat and corn. A banana is a useful source of Vitamin A, B6, C and potassium.

There are many health benefits of Bananas and it is very useful for blood, kidney, heart, nerves and bones and it is a big source of dietary fiber.

All online friends can share more benefits of bananas with this Ludhiana girl and all our readers.