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New Fashion Of Long Shirts, Short Trousers In Indian Females

Asha Rani sent her photo and this post about fashion of long shirts with short trousers among Indian girls. Every nation and country has various styles and ways of clothing, which are used according to the prevailing weather conditions of an area, culture and religion. Indian national dress is Saree for women and dhoti Kurta is for men. The fashion or trend of wearing adopted according to the new value of fashion in every year.

These days long shirts and trousers are in fashion for Indian and Asian girls. Lose and fitted shirts both are used according to body shape. Some Indian females are seen wearing long a-lined shirts with well shaped sleeves and shorttrousers . This fashion is a dress, which look more attractive and beautiful in any style. It is getting popularity not only in India but also throughout the world including European countries. Many fashionable clothes are exporting to western countries too from India and Pakistan.